Monday, November 24, 2008

Am I your Someone?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she said that I am now her someone. I know someone who lost their home in a wildfire. I know someone who had Bell's Palsy. I'm that someone.

I can spend a lifetime asking myself why it is that I am that someone. Why did my house burn down? Why did I get Bell's Palsy? Why am I sick? But that won't really get me anywhere. I believe that I am supposed to learn a great lesson out of all of this and share it with others. Another friend and I were talking of this same idea. She said that she believed we aren't given more than we can handle (though I have my moments of doubt) and that this experience is setting me up to help others because few have walked in my shoes (and few would want to). I expressed that I quite like my new shoes, even if they've been full of bad news lately.

I am currently reading This I Believe II. In it there is a letter from a woman who writes that this isn't the life she expected (nor would recommend). She says, "I believe we are all connected to one another, that we are not alone, even if we never meet, that we are all part of the human experience and the most we can do is give comfort to one another." These experiences have connected me to the greater human experience, allowed me to share and connect to each of you (even if we never meet). And in sharing, we find comfort.


  1. and we, your readers, find comfort as well. I am thankful for your talent of writing, and how you put your thoughts on paper, or the monitor. :) Thank you for your perspective. No matter what, I always feel a sense of hope from your writing.

  2. Brooke,

    This is Lisa...your Bells Palsy friend. You are my someone. The connections that we have with people are there for some reason. Whether it be a glimpse of time...or for eternity. Your thoughts put to this blog evoke such deep feelings in my heart. Tracy told me about your blog months ago. That connection to her has brought me to you. Although we have not have shared so much with me by the written word. You will not know it yet but....your strength will hold up someone who needs it in the future. Just as someone else's strength has held you up at moments when you needed it. Our family will be counting our blessing this Thanksgiving for we have so much...I LOVE that you are able to do the same! We would love to come see you at your open house. Until then...Lisa