Sunday, November 16, 2008

All smiles

I cherish my smile. It has always been big, gregarious even. It makes me appear friendly. Kids gravitate toward that friendly face. Half a smile is not attractive, does not exude friendliness. I think it makes me look scary, creepy, mentally challenged.

How ironic then that Kellen has started smiling. It's such a big event, one that should bring a smile to my face. It makes me smile inside, but I can't show that smile back. Developmentally, a kid's smile is supposed to make the parents smile which makes the child smile more. When I look at my son, he doesn't see a big smile... he sees creepy. Fortunately he smiles at objects as well, so I can keep him smiling. I hope it is simply a matter of weeks before I can smile back.

Anyway, here was my attempt at capturing his smile.

1 comment:

  1. He is simply precious! One day - he will appreciate his mama's gorgeous smile and smile right back!! Funny that is scares him right now - tee hee!

    My name is Kellan (that's cool, right?) - so nice to meet you. So nice to hear that you named your son Kellen. Hope to see you soon!