Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have a lot of things to write about... the concept of heroes, the idea of timing and how much different Kellen's life would be if the fire hadn't happened or had happened at a different time, the fact that our two week old rolled over from his tummy to his back today (not kidding- I have video). But I wanted to reflect on the wildfires in California first.

In 1988, my dad took us to Yellowstone. We were in the middle of the park when an evacuation was ordered because of the fire... the big fire that burned the whole park. It took us nearly the whole night to get out of the park, with fire lining the road the whole way out of the park.

In 1992, a huge wildfire burned outside of Boise. My mom had come into Boise for a week to see her parents, and we were in Boise for the summer with our dad. We drove out to my grandparent’s ranch in Mayfield (off the Stage Stop exit toward Mountain Home) and saw smoke. That night the fire took off and burned hundreds of acres and almost engulfed my aunt and uncle’s home. My aunt was 9 months pregnant and was hosing off her roof to stop the fire. I’ve joked with her since that I was just trying to emulate the end of her pregnancy.

But even with those experiences with wildfires, I have felt so detached when hearing about wildfires in California. I would have thought maybe I would have connected with the fear of them, but I guess I didn’t.

Now I feel an eternal bond with those going through even the threat of a wildfire. When I saw that there were fires outside of Napa (and then outside of LA), I was so sad, sad for the homeowners, sad for the firefighters, sad for the land. I read that two people lost their homes, and I want to reach out to them, tell them that I’m sorry, tell them that it will be ok. Because it will.

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