Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I loved my planner. It was a light blue Franklin Covey planner with a small brown leather strap. I had used the Blooms inserts but changed to a different design this last July. It was purple and pink. I kept the previous years dates to refer back to. They were stored in my bedroom. I had codes to Dance Dance Revolution in there. I was addicted to Dance Dance Revolution (even though I wasn't playing while pregnant). I kept track of all my tutoring time in there. I felt like without it I didn't know left from right (though if I'm really honest, I don't know my left from my right- it's a flaw, I know!). My mom said that one of her first thoughts after the fire was that I wouldn't have lost my planner because I would have had it with me. I'm kind of surprised I didn't. But we were just running a quick errand, so it didn't seem to be a big deal to take it with me.

A week after the fire I went to Franklin Covey to replace the planner. I spent 30 minutes there and couldn't pick anything out. I didn't want any of the binders. I wanted mine back. They had one similar to mine but the colors were different. I would have picked the pink one, but it was sort of the color of a muted Pepto Bismol. So I've been planner-less for 6 weeks. I've felt kind of lost.

Today I went back to Franklin Covey. They got a new binder. It's pink and brown mostly. It isn't exactly what I wanted. I have to use a spiral bound planner insert, but it's do-able. It almost makes me happy. Of course the new planner insert doesn't start until January, so I had to get a partial insert for the rest of the year.

My planner tracks my life. I feel like I can start to have one now.

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