Thursday, October 23, 2008


We were talking to our neighbor today, and she was telling me how she tries to describe doing the insurance list to others. I challenge you to think about it (and maybe even try) because I think it is the best way to understand just how difficult the contents list is.

Walk into your kitchen. Look through all the cabinets, pantries, refrigerators. Walk out. Wait 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day. Then write down everything that was in there. Take your list back into the kitchen. See what you missed. I bet it's maybe a little more than half of what you had. If the whole kitchen seems too daunting, try one pantry. If you really want a challenge, just write down what you think is in your kitchen before you look.

We don't have the luxury of getting to look just one more time. And we don't get to say the whole kitchen is too much, we'll just do the pantry. We have to do the whole house. And whatever we miss is money we can't claim. If it seems daunting, it is. It is.


  1. I read an interesting suggestion in the new issue of Parent's magazine that said you should walk through your house with a camcorder abd video tape everything and attach a monetary amount when you can. Then put it in a fire safe. I'm going to do it, and while it's too late for you now, maybe it's something to use as protection in the future.

  2. Definitely. Our neighbors had their list done before the fire, and it definitely helped with insurance. I would recommend a safety deposit box instead of a fire safe though as it got so hot in a couple homes that the fire safe was also destroyed.

  3. I failed the experiment.

    I also had my husband and I literally do a 40 hour video or more of all the things in our home on christmas break last year. It's so exhausting to do, I understand why people don't have the time.

    Brooke, you are right about the safety deposit box. It does get too hot in fires for many of them to survive.