Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Breaking Ground

We've officially broken ground!! The footings for the foundation were poured yesterday, and the foundation was poured today. We should have the house framed in with a roof by the end of the month. We wanted to make sure it all got done before the winter weather came in... and then the weatherman started talking about snow today. Yikes!!

Demo- getting rid of the ashes:

Prep work:

Digging out the new foundation:

The footings: (It looks so small)

The new foundation:


  1. I've been thinking of how special it will be when the THREE of you move into your new home. All together, as a family, you will take those first steps through the door. :)

    And happy belated anniversary!

  2. Thanks! I dream of that moment and know it will be a great thing for us as a family.