Monday, September 1, 2008


We have seen the word "victim" used many times to describe our situation. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the word literally means "one who is harmed or made to suffer from an act, circumstance, agency, or condition." I suppose that literally that could be used to describe our situation. But I do not feel like a victim.

I have always prided myself on not having a victim mentality, for taking responsibility for myself and my actions. Even when something bad happens, I like to think that I do not wallow in the event but find what I can do to improve my circumstances. Our home was the victim of a fire. I was a homeowner who lost my past... and to some degree my sense of peace and security. I look at a candle and think, "Will I ever be able to burn a candle in my house?" My husband hears the A/C making funny noises in the hotel and turns it off because he is worried about fire. But even with those losses and the emotional toll this week has taken, I am not a victim. I believe there are things that I can control, foremost amongst them being my attitude. As long as I can do that, no act or circumstance can MAKE me suffer.

And speaking of which, it was really good to see a picture of myself laughing on the Statesman this morning. Seeing an empty hole yesterday was a very difficult thing. But reminding myself that there were good things, very very good things that happened yesterday, diminishes that pain a little.


  1. Brooke & Dan,
    We came by today to help you guy's out. We arrived at about 11:50, all was peaceful. We left to go to our daughters house on Federal Way to cut some large tree limbs downed by the wind storm last Monday. We then returned because we thought maybe you all went and got lunch. We talked to several people as we waited near your driveway, only to find out you guy's finished Sunday afternoon. A woman we talked to was with the disaster relief efforts people(I don't remember her name). I mentioned our house caught fire (July 2,2006)in an eariler post. We know all to well what you and Dan, and your neighbors are going through. You are right, to get through our house fire we had to look at the positive things. We were able to salavge very little, we lost just about everything. It was 9 months before we were able to move back in. The insurance people where great to us. We have knowledge that we might be able to help you and your neighbors out if you would like. I myself am pretty handy with a hammer, saws, heavy equipment, ect ect. We would like to know how you all are doing.Please e-mail us at
    Rick & Darla March

  2. Brooke -

    You are a survivor. You brighten everyone's day with your smile and laugh. I know mine always is brightened. Being around you and Dan always put a smile on my face.

    Your upbeat attitude and your strength will carry you through. You are one touch chick and I am glad to know you!