Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our cat, Tabby, has always been a little shy. When we first got her in January, she hid under the bed for a few weeks. She is 3, so this wasn't unexpected. Our black lab is also part racehorse, so I can see why she would be a little afraid of him. I spent a lot of time getting her to be comfortable with me, and she seeks me out.

She likes to lay by my head... actually she likes to eat my hair. She eats her food in one spot in her bowl, exposing the bottom. Then she meows. She doesn't like it when the bottom of her bowl is showing. I think this is a ploy to get attention when I put food in the bowl.

I've always had wandering cats. Our last kitten would take walks with us around the block. Tabby did not leave our yard, except to sit in our neighbor's bushes, looking at our house. Of all the things, Tabby loved our Hydrangeas. I loved our Hydrangeas.

I have always loved babies and especially Anne Geddes prints. Hydrangeas remind me of those pictures. The first spring we lived in our house, we designed a raised flower bed in front of our house. Not knowing anything about planting at that point (we've learned a lot since), we filled the flower bed with MiracleGro and Peatmoss. I wish we had known about topsoil! We called it SuperSoil, and anything could grow there. Because the plants we so little, I was scared to plant them too far apart, so I moved them a little closer. Two years later, they were a mass of Hydrangea, and they were gorgeous. Tabby loved to hide in them and watch the world go by.

At our house, Tabby had a room. It was her safe zone, so if she was frightened, she would go in there, and usually she would hang out under the bed until it was safe. We don't have a safe zone for her now. Amazingly, she has adjusted really well to this change, and I actually think that she has become a little more social with us since. Last night, she slept on top of the couch while we watched our newly installed cable (I never thought I would be so happy to have T.V., a distractor!). She stayed out in the living room all night, and snuggled into the Lazy Boy. And she doesn't seem to be as eager to go outside. I think part of it is the lack of plants in our yard (unless you count the prickly weeds). Or maybe she just misses the Hydrangeas. I know I do.

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