Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some thank yous

We are keeping track of individual donations if names were included, and we will be contacting you to let you know how much we appreciate everything. It likely will happen after the baby is here because we would like to get a family photo, especially for those who donated baby items.

I did though want to publicly thank some specific individuals and also local businesses (some a part of large corporations who have been amazing!).

Patti Wagstaff has been incredible. She thinks of all the things we don't have time to think of. We wouldn't have been able to access half the community resources that we have without her organization and support.

The Broadway LDS ward who adopted us and Margaret who has organized tons of help. Your ability to get things organized quickly has been amazing. I know that the LDS church does a lot for communities, but I have been amazed at how much they have done for us, not being LDS.

Charlie Ruffing. The man. I don't know how you got appointed to be the Burn-out contact person, but you have done so much for us. I can't even begin to express my gratitude. You also always seem to have such an amazing attitude when you are around all of us, and I know it brightens my day to see you at meetings or other gatherings.

Chip Schultz. I have heard so many good things about you and how much you have helped. Thank you for stepping in and filling a void.

Carol at Columbia Village. Thank you.

Federal Way Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We have been so amazed at the national companies who have been able to step in and assist, making local decisions to help us out. Registering was a completely overwhelming experience, but your staff made a huge impact on us. Everytime we go into the store, we are greeted and asked how things are going. The familiar faces and generosity have been a bright spot in these last couple of weeks.

Babies R Us on Eagle Road. We can't believe how much you have done for us. (I promise not to be too upset about my glider.) It truly is the people at a company who make a difference, and those who we have worked with there have been exceptional.

Jake's Dry Dock in the mall (Life is Good store). The day after the fire, we needed some close-toed shoes and stopped by after we got them. After telling them what had happened, they gave us a discount and also called corporate to get us free t-shirts (we got ones that said "Let me stand next to your fire"). I always said that I wanted to own everything in that store. I guess now is my chance?

Panache - Thank you for helping me to start replenishing my make-up stash.

Benjamin Street Home Decor - Thank you for the dining room table and the child dresser. It is a great start in our rental.

Downtown Hound - Shade loves you, and so do we. Thank you for giving him a home while we were cooped up in the hotel. And thank you for the dog bed and food. Shade loves his Taste of the Wild, and I am glad we didn't have to switch it on him!

Bark N Purr - Thank you for the discount on cat and dog stuff. We are glad we've found you!

Starbucks on Apple - Thanks for the free drinks that first morning. We had about 2 hours of sleep and a long day ahead of us.

I know there are others. We are appreciative of everything, and I will add on as I think of things.

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