Thursday, September 11, 2008


We got our black lab/racehorse/pointer mix a week before we closed on our house. He was 3 months old, and was so cuddly. Even then he seemed to have only two speeds: spastic and dead. He would run around, tire himself out, then flop on the floor. Then he would get up and do it again. His favorite thing was running outside in the morning, jumping onto the railroad ties in a dead sprint and nearly jumping the neighbor's fence to check on the squirrels. I know that the neighbors were sometimes amused that all they could see was this little head popping up over the fence. He thought his job was backyard sentry, protecting us from the evil squirrels. Fortunately the squirrels seemed to like this game, so they kept each other entertained. Shade is incredibly full of life, and he brings such joy to our lives.

The night of the fire, we had left him inside. We hardly ever do that. I don't know if it was better this way or not. Had he been outside, would he have tried to jump the fence (because he could)? If we had come home 30 minutes later, would he have been freed by the fireman or have already succumbed to smoke inhalation? I don't play the "What If?" game in my mind much because you just can't allow yourself to go there, but these questions plague me.

When we saw the fire and raced home, I let Dan out at the corner and let him run into the incredible smoke with the house across the street on fire. We couldn't leave the dog there as he is like our child. But I also can't believe I let Dan run in.

Every morning Shade jumps on our bed and snuggles in with us. He loves us unconditionally, and we love him the same. I always tell him I am so thankful he is alive. Without Shade, there would be a void. And having him makes getting through the days easier.


  1. Brooke, I'm new at this blog thing and keep on messing up my postings. I left a comment yesterday under Preparing for Baby, but I hadn't open my profile to allow you to email me with an answer. It should be open now. It was about nursery bedding and decor. Sorry about all the postings in the wrong places!

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I haven't been checking back at comments, so it was a good reminder anyway.

    I tried to email, but I don't have outlook set up on this computer. I think we are ok with bedding now. As nice as it's been to have items donated, setting up the nursery in the same theme we had has made us feel a little more normal. I am still waiting on a couple of things, but I do have some things that are making it look a little like it used to. We appreciate the offer so much and for thinking of us.