Sunday, September 21, 2008

Savoring the moment

I'm not exactly the most patient person (which is why waiting for this baby is killing me!). But we had saved a few things to enjoy over the course of our relationship.

Our 1998 bottle of champagne and Beringer Cab from our honeymoon were two of those things. We'll have this when... Or I know I can't use this now, but when ___ happens, this will be perfect. I even saved my wedding dress, knowing that I would never wear it again but not yet ready to part with it. My plan was to donate it to a charity that resells wedding dresses to raise money for cancer.

I think it's good to have things to work for, but I am also sad that we didn't enjoy those things when we were able. I wonder how this will change as our lives return to "normal." Will I save bottles of wine? Will I hold onto clothes that no longer fit? I can't see this behavior changing, but I also think I might just live a little more for today and a little less for tomorrow.

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