Thursday, September 4, 2008


A lot of people have asked if we are rebuilding. The decision to rebuild was made almost immediately. The first day Dan talked about moving to a new home, especially with the way the market is. These are the reasons I feel we need to rebuild:

The fire was such a devastating moment. Thinking about that first night and seeing our house leveled by the fire makes me so sad. I can't replace many of the things that we lost in our house. If we leave the land as is, my last memory of our first home, of that land, will be sadness. If we rebuild something beautiful there, a home we love, a home we can grow into, then those sad emotions will be replaced with happiness and cherished memories with our children.

We also went through a pretty traumatic and quick moving fire that destroyed ten homes in a matter of a couple hours. Those people who live around me understand that pain. Even though we were young and most of our neighbors were ten to twenty years our senior, we were good friends with many of them. Having them as a support system (and being a support for them) helps the healing process. Watching them rebuild and create new memories helps us all.

We have met with one set of contractors who are giving a bid for the rebuild exactly as the house stood. We cannot rebuild the house in that way because of the foundation, but that's what insurance requires. We have been looking through design books and are meeting with the architect today. One thing I desperately need in a new house is a craft room as my scrapbooking and quilting took over many rooms in our house. Dan needs a place to play music, and we've always talked about a music room. This is our opportunity to do that. These things will help us build those beautiful new memories.

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