Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meeting Place

When I dropped Dan off at the corner to go in to get the animals (and photos if he could), it was my plan to get in as well. I drove around the block trying to come in from the other direction. When I realized that I couldn't get in, I was in touch with Dan through our cell phones. However, Dan's phone died (which isn't surprising actually... it was something that happened often, and we had talked about how it was a real problem). So I waited in my car on the road. I decided that I should wait at the crossroad of two different outlets (there were 2 more) that were likely for him to take. And I waited. I didn't know when (or at that point it was even a slight IF) he was coming out. Thankfully, he came out right by my car. I have replayed in my mind the thought that he may not have come out that way and then I wouldn't have known where he was or if he was ok. They were evacuating the street I was waiting on, so I couldn't have waited there forever.

I am asking that anyone who reads this please sit down with your family tonight and create a plan. I keep thinking that we should have had a meeting place in case of emergency. I know they talk about it in elementary school, but I don't know how many people actually have a plan. You should agree on a place to meet in case you get separated. And then you should agree on a backup in case that place is for some reason unavailable in that situation. Tell your children. Tell their caregivers. Write it down. Review it. Please.

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