Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It took almost two and a half years to fully move into our house. Earlier in August, Dan had organized the garage, and it felt like our things had a home. What an ironic reality. I knew where things were and where they went, FINALLY.

Now, I don't even know what I own. While we were setting up the nursery, Dan was looking through some of the healthcare type things we've gotten. There was a surprise waiting in every drawer. "Oh good, we have one of those." I actually think of all of us, the baby has more possessions now than either Dan or me. It's quite funny, really.

Every morning is a little bit of a challenge. I don't really know what I own in regards to clothing to know what to put on. All of my maternity clothes have been donated, so I kind of fumble around looking for something that a) fits and b) matches. The more I expand (which seems to be hourly), the less I really have to wear. I keep thinking just another couple of weeks and then I will actually be able to start considering a wardrobe again. I think I'll start with a coat.

**On a completely different note, the firefighters have amassed a huge amount of donated items. We were invited to look through some of them earlier, but they weren't able to organize them much, so it was a little overwhelming. They are working this week to get everything organized, and then they are having a community yard sale this weekend with the proceeds going to the Burn out fund for our families and future families who lose their homes to fire. On Friday, the families will be able to go through the donated items and pick out what they need. Anyhow, they desperately need volunteers. If you are interested, contact Fire Station #21. Also, if you need things, the yard sale would be a great place to look!**

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