Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan's Guitar

When I dropped Dan off at the corner Monday night, I told him to grab the animals and the photos. I didn't even think of his guitars. I don't know if he had to make that decision, but he came out with 7 scrapbooks and our wedding photos. His first comment to me was, "My guitars."

By 9:30 we learned that our house was gone, and he again commented that his guitars were gone. Dan has worked for everything he has ever had. As a kid he delivered the Statesman early in the morning before school to be able to buy the things he wanted. When he discovered his musical gift (he struggles with reading music and plays by ear) he spent up to 10 hours a day practicing on his guitar. For a kid with ADHD who had struggled in school, he finally had something he was successful at. So he saved his money and purchased an Eddie van Halen guitar (it is the same make and model of the guitar used by Eddie van Halen). In his late teens and early twenties, Dan played in a band and booked shows out of Seattle. They had spoken with record label reps, but a tragedy occurred before they were able to sign. He wrote a song on the guitar that he posted on YouTube and had considered trying out for America's Got Talent this past Spring. He had an audition time, but he decided that he needed to stay in Boise because it coincided with an English class, and he was committed to school.

When we were able to return to our street early Tuesday (1:00 a.m.), we watched the remainder of the fire being put out. We looked down over our house from the backyard of the abandoned home behind ours, and knew that nothing was left. Dan continued to comment about his guitars. I left because the house was still smoking, and I didn't want to inhale the smoke. When I called to find out when Dan was coming out, one of the neighbors who had come down with us told me that the firemen had rescued the guitars in the fire and Dan was coming out with them. He opened the fence, a guitar in each hand, set them down in the driveway, and opened the burned cases to inspect the guitars. His Taylor 814 CE accoustic was in tact but not playable. His electric guitar was still in tune (though we are still unsure how it will work when plugged into an amp. All but speaker rims were burned from his amp in the fire).

We have asked several firemen how exactly they were saved since they were in a covered window seat in the nursery. It is our understanding that the fireman who saved them would be contacted to be in touch with us. We would love it if we could arrange that. I know Dan wants to thank him and hear the rest of the story.

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