Monday, September 1, 2008


Several of us in the neighborhood have cats. Since moving to our street two and a half years ago, we've lost two cats. My first cat Mo disappeared one day. That cat had moved from my apartment into D.C. to New York to Boise with me. He had actually flown from the east coast to Boise, back to the east coast, and back to Boise in his life with me. I was really sad when he disappeared. The next cat was a young kitten we had for a year. Last Christmas, he fell over and died while I was wrapping Christmas presents. They think maybe it was a heart problem or an aneurysm. In January we got another cat, Tabby. I didn't want to get another kitten because I know that it's harder to adopt out the older cats. She is 3. We brought her home, and she lived under the bed for a month, scared of us and scared of our dog. I spent many hours trying to coax her out and make her comfortable. As scared as she seemed of everyone else, she really warmed up to me. She would come to me when called and wanted to cuddle with me every night. When we realized how close the fire was, I wanted to run into the smoke because I knew the only person she would come to was me. She also stayed really close to home, and I worried she wouldn't flee. Of all the wandering cats I've had, she is a home body. She would much rather sit in my hydrangeas than chase mice. The next morning I got to the house and was afraid to call her. My worst fear was silence. I went in through the abandoned house behind our house. I called for the cat. I heard a jingle of a collar and was so elated to think she was alive. I then told myself I couldn't be sure until I saw her and didn't want to get my hopes up. I looked through the open hole where a fence used to be and saw her standing by the fence. She looked up at me and meowed, one sad meow. She didn't move. It seemed like she was saying, "Come get me." I couldn't get down, so I ran around (in my great pregnant waddle run). A fireman was trying to bring her up by the time I got down. She was so happy to be with me, but also was quick to want to get down.

Our neighbor's cat was much more social. He was fat and happy, and I always loved seeing him. Even Tabby was starting to warm up to him. One of our first encounters with our neighbors was when the cat went missing while they were out of town. The person caring for the cat hadn't seen him. The next morning he was prowling around, and I put him in our house until we could let them know he was ok. He was not happy to be in our house!! While we were waiting to see if the house had survived, they contacted us to find out what was going on. Since I knew they weren't home, my immediate concern was for the cat. When I talked to them the next morning, that was my first question. Fortunately, the cat had survived and was waiting for them.

There is also an orange cat who is around a lot. I initially heard that the cat was missing, so I was so glad to see him a couple of days later. He has been prowling around the construction sites, meowing at everyone. He was pretty social with the other cats. Because his owners didn't lose their home, I imagine that he is wandering around looking for them, thinking that everyone has abandoned him. I think he misses his paw-se.


  1. I am SO glad that your cat is okay. I noticed in one of your first posts that you mentioned the dog, and honestly, I was scared to ask about the kitty.

    You've been in my thoughts and prayers, Brooke.

  2. i'm so relieved to hear that your kitty is ok... so nice to know that your entire family survived the fire... animals are such an intricate part of our lives and bring such a richness and sense of normalcy to any situation...

    our cat was very similar in that she was so lovey to me and would come when called, would hide from anyone else but also loved to snuggle, esp as i got more pregnant, she got more snuggly!