Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazed by kids

A lot of people have done incredibly nice and generous things for us. I can't wait to share some of the photos from the baby shower. I can't even believe how much work went into that shower for us. I also had a woman bring by a bunch of things she had collected from various people and businesses in the area. It was so touching. As much as those things have meant, it's the kids who have stepped up that make me a little weepy.

I remember reading a story in the Statesman about a boy who couldn't sleep until he took his piggy bank to the firemen. I have several drawings from kids sending their sympathies and best wishes. They always seem to say the right thing: "Sorry your house burned down." We were told last night that a young girl was making us a blanket with her newly acquired knitting skills. I've received cards with donations from kids. And we have a VERY large plastic bottle bank in the baby's room that is filled with coins from a collection by kids.

Today I was stopped by my principal who told me the most amazing story. A boy at our school just celebrated his birthday. He told people that he didn't want presents, but rather wanted to take donations for us. I know how important birthdays are, especially at that age. I can't even imagine making that decision, and I think that young man has an incredible heart. I know that good things are in his future (we will be sure of it!).

I often hear people gripe about kids. It doesn't seem to matter what generation it is. Kids always seem to not behave the way adults think they should. I have met an incredible bunch of kids in the last three weeks, and I have to say that if we are raising our kids this way, our country is going to be in great hands. I hope that we continue to foster the kindness and idealism that makes them so special. That is something I try to teach everyday. And the kindness and idealism that is being shown to me now teaches me incredible lessons that will never be forgotten.


  1. Hello there! I just wanted you to know that I read your blog every day. I really love how you convey your feelings, you are a wonderful writer! I could never imagine losing our home and everything in it. I'm sure you couldn't either. Thank you for inspiring me through your grace these past three weeks. I think you are wonderful! Sending best wishes to you, your husband, and Kellen. :)... Tracy Schultz (Chip's wife)

  2. This entry made me tear up! It's so amazing the things children do -I'm so glad you shared.

  3. Brooke, I know the story behind the babybottle bank. I have a picture of the little girl (Darci Bushee) giving the bank full of her life savings to Charlie. Remind me, and I will send the picture to you. She is an absolute darling little girl. Her mother is a school teacher, too.