Saturday, August 30, 2008

Update to sorting plans and other needs

We always want to start by thanking those who have donated and offered help. I know I have said it a million times, but we are so overwhelmed by the generosity of those in this community and beyond. My sister has been incredible in coming up with a list of things that we lost. I had great socks... I really love fuzzy socks and colorful Gap socks. She went out and bought me some socks that my mom brought out. (Oh yeah... my mom got here today. Everyone needs their mom during these kinds of things!!) She also remembered our toasting flutes from our wedding and got them re-engraved.

As far as the things that we no longer need:
- We have been offered so many cribs. We are set on a crib.
- We also have a swing, bouncer, and high chair.
- We have received a lot of baby clothes.

If you have those items to donate, City Lights (I believe) is an organization for women and children through the Boise Rescue Mission. The Interfaith Sanctuary has a family room and takes in homeless families. The Ronald McDonald House is also a great place to take items. BabySteps is an organization that helps young mothers.

REGARDING TOMORROW: We are planning on getting started tomorrow at 9. We may be a little disorganized as first, but we will get it figured out. What we need:
- Shovels
- Masks
- Rakes
- Brooms
- Gloves
- Trash Cans
- We are hoping to have some kind of a dumpster, but we will figure it out if not
- Coolers with water
- Wipes
- Food
- Folding Lawn Chairs


  1. Those sifting through the ashes should wear masks (some provided), but also goggles. On Sunday, it was windy and soot flies in the eyes. Boots are necessary, considering nails are everywhere.

  2. We loved helping out today!
    Tim & Jane