Friday, August 29, 2008

Our nursery

I just looked at the pictures of the nursery. I feel really sick. I had forgotten about the picture on the wall of the sleeping baby that hung in my bedroom until I left for college. While I know there is nothing I can do about it, it still just rips out your heart.

Here are the pictures of what our nursery had looked like. The playyard and other stuff was off to the side.

Some things that we lost:
Star bumper from Restoration Hardware
Star Pillow from Restoration Hardware
Baskets and liners from Restoration Hardware
Curtains from Restoration Hardware
Star Mobile from Babies R Us
Star pillow from Babies R Us
Dutailier Glider from Babies R Us
Nature's Purest Playyard from Babies R Us
Amby Baby Hammock
Metal stars from Bed Bath and Beyond
Star stick-ons for fan from Craft Warehouse
Diaper bag from Macys
Diaper Dude for Dan with guitars from

Hand-me down dresser- third generation
Hand-me down rocking chair
Hand-me down toy chest
Handmade blanket from my childhood with Bambi that I basically wore out
Hand knitted blanket from my mom
Sleeping baby picture that hung in my room as a child
White stuffed bear brought back this summer from Peru from mom
Cabbage patch kid collection from my childhood
Marc Brown book signed by the author when I was in the third grade
Sweaters knitted by my mom and worn by me as a child

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