Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dan and I had a solid plan of juggling the baby between my teaching and his school. Now that he has to work on the rebuild, we are struggling to figure that out. We need some nanny recommendations so we can start looking into people to hire. We don't know exactly what the hours are going to be yet. I would prefer someone young(er), maybe a college student or someone who has taken some college classes in education or early childhood. Let us know if you have someone that you would recommend.


  1. Hi Brooke, we met yesterday as I was one of the volunteers at your workbee. I have some information regarding a nanny for you. If you want to give me a call for more details, my number is 841-0067.

  2. Carolyn is interested and has great recommendations for child care of young children, plus she has a sister 12 years younger than her that she helped me (their mom) care for as an infant and newborn. I talked to her, and she said to please call her at 208-440-0982. She used to care for two little girls not that far from your neighborhood.