Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We have been asked by everyone what they can do to help. First, let me say THANK YOU. Losing everything has been an overwhelming experience, and the support of our friends, family, and community has been unbelievable, not to mention some internet support from a group of pregnant women I have befriended. It is not the easiest thing to take a "hand-out" particularly when you are accustomed to being so self-sufficient. But we are learning an incredible lesson in this, and it is very very humbling. We know that had this happened to others that we would be there ready to help as well, and we know that our turn will come one day to help others. That is the nature of being a part of a community, and it is what has made ours so great. (We will be posting a list of thank yous soon for what we have already received. Please know we are so grateful.)

Immediate needs:
We have a place to stay, have gotten some supplies donated for our pets, and we have access to food. Dan and I have even gotten a few outfits, and bought real stuff to take a shower with this morning.

What we need in the next week is more clothes for Dan, especially stuff for rummaging through rubble. I think a lot of clothes have been donated, and we are waiting to hear when we can come get some things. He wears a 36-38 in shorts/pants and is a L in shirts. We do need to get underwear, so gift cards would also be greatly appreciated.

We also need shovels and gloves... and if you are willing, labor. We are planning to start sifting through the ash to recover anything we can this weekend (Sunday and Monday). If you are willing to donate a shovel for the weekend, please be sure to label with your name and contact information so we are sure to get it back to you. Boxes would also really help as well as gloves. We are planning to pick up boxes of masks to ensure that no one has to breathe the nasty air.

We would also ask that you please be considerate when viewing the damage. While we understand the curiosity and appreciate the support, we also need to ensure that essential persons (homeowners, fireman, insurance adjusters, demo crews) can access our street and homes. I would ask that those viewing the properties not park in front of any of the damaged homes. Please respect our property as well. Many of the sites are not really safe, particularly because of the amount of nails that are sitting around. The ash may look like just that, but to us, it is our life and keepsakes. Please let us sort through it.

Short-term needs:
Over the next month, many of the families will need continued access to food. We have no flour, no spices, no bread. It is probably best to get things like gift cards to grocery stores so that we can ration the food over the next month or so and not have spoilage. Restaurant gift cards are also helpful. Many of us have limited cooking supplies. Additionally, our days are very long and filled with many appointments and to-dos (which never seem to quite get done). This is a great way to take some stress off what needs to be done for the day.

Baby needs- We had finished our nursery and had our baby shower, and now we are starting over with 6 weeks left until this child arrives. We are in the process of updating our baby registry at Babies R Us with the items we lost and those we need that we hadn't anticipated needing until we lost many hand-me-downs. We are registered under Brooke Linville and the registry number is 44161686. Dan and I are fairly environmentally conscious, so we are planning to cloth diaper (though disposables are still welcome).

Long-term needs:
Clothes for Brooke. We have received many maternity clothing donations. I am hoping that I will fit back into regular clothes sooner rather than later. I lost all of my regular clothes and will have nothing for the winter. It is hard to say what size I will be, so gift cards are again a good option. I also don't have things like nursing bras.

Construction: Dan and I did many do-it-yourself projects, and we plan on being very involved in the rebuilding of our home. Home Depot (or Lowes) gift cards would be fantastic. We will need things like a lawn mower and tools among many other things.

Other: I am an avid book person and lost many autographed copies of books as well as classic hardcovers. It is unbelievable that I have none left and am literally starting a library over. We also lost all of our movies and CDs. I am planning on setting up a registry on for anyone who is interested. That should be up in the next day or two. We are also registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with all of the other homeowners tomorrow (hangers, linens, pillows, etc).

That is all I can think of for now, though I am sure that there is more. Above all else, we need your support and are overwhelmed by how much has been done for us already. We are certainly loved and blessed in so many incredible ways.

Our address remains the same for now (3417 Sweetwater Boise, ID 83716), and we will be able to pick things up from the post office, UPS, and FedEx.

Donations are being accepted by the Boise Fire Department (Burn out fund) and American Red Cross.


  1. My family would love to help you!
    Where can I send my support?

  2. Can you post the password to your registry, honey?

  3. You shouldn't need a password. You might have clicked Update the Registry instead of Find a Registry. Let me know if that doesn't work.

  4. Brooke, you have been in my thoughts nonstop since this happened. I donated some money to you guys, and I will do whatever else I can. You have a remarkable attitude and you are an inspiration. God bless.

  5. Brooke, I'm really sorry you are going through this. I hope you stay strong. I am thinking of you.

    Sarah (sdkrlm)

  6. Brooke-
    I would be happy to help your husband during the Labor Day weekend to sift through the rubble. If he has set times for this, I'll look through your website. If not, I'll just show up to assist.

  7. We are not nearby, nor do we have tons, however, I will be watching as we pack to move, to see if there is anything I can send to help you out.
    -Happy2BeMe (from the Nest)

  8. We have a whole bag of Chris's clothes we were about to take to Goodwill. They are Dan's size. Where can we drop them off for you? Email me or send me a myspace message and let me know. xo <><

  9. We live just a few blocks from you guys on Begonia Place (just past Adonis off of Lake Forrest). I would love to help out in any way I can. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? I have a daughter that is 8 months old and while we have given away a lot of her old clothes and stuff, I kept all the stuff that I didn't want to give away but I would be willing to give it to you (it should be the right season)...I also have a few things like a swing and bouncer you could have, I'd just like them back after your done with them so we can use them again when we have another baby. Also, as far as cloth diapers, is there a certain brand you were using. I'd be more than happy to get some for you. I know a few people that make them also and sell them on for cheaper than name brand ones...just let me know. I also have a Medela Pump-in-style breastpump if you need a breastpump and don't mind using one that is not brand new.

  10. I just saw that you are having a boy so our pink clothes won't be helpful, but the swing, breastpump, etc. are still here if you need them. And the offer to buy you some cloth diapers...whatever ones you want.

  11. Brooke and Dan,
    Our names are Rick and Darla March.
    We would like to come help anybody that needs the help. We will be there tomorrow (mon). We have a wheelbarrow, shovels, a rake. We can bring water and food if you like, we are not worried about ourselves, we can take care of that. We are just at a lost for you and your neighbors, as we know all to well what it is like to go from having a comfort zone one hour, and in seconds it is all gone, as we lost everything to a house fire 2years ago. Please e-mail us if you like at wish I had seen this Friday.
    God Bless You All,
    Rick and Darla March